Environment and Cultural Heritage

The Laboratory has been involved, together the Louvre Museum (Paris), the Opificio delle Pietre Dure (Florence), the INFN-LABEC (Florence), in a research project aimed to a wide characterization of the ceramics manufactured in the famous Della Robbia workshop, active in Florence at the time of the Medici .By a grant of the Soprintendenza dei Beni archeologici of the Ligurian Region, the Laboratory has been analysing several times ceramic and wooden samples found on the wreck known as "The Merchant's Leudo" helping in dating back the objects and assessing their provenance.The laboratory has characterized, by Ion Beam Analysis, ink drawings by the Genoese artist Luca Cambiaso in collaboration with the Prado (Madrid) and Palazzo Rosso (Genoa) Museums. The study gave produced criteria to distinguish original works, reproductions by students of the Artists and fakes as well.

We have collaborated with the Environmental Protection Agency of the Ligurian Region (ARPAL) in developing equipment and training environmental specialists.Together groups of the Universities of Milan and Turin, the Laboratory monitored the radon-222 emanation form the Vesuvio and Stromboli volcanos to develop eruption forecasting methods.

Several times we have measured the radioactive contamination in samples of various origin. we have detected and  monitored the 131I and 137Cs activity in the air masses contaminate in the Fukushima accident.

The Laboratory has conducted in-field monitoring of electromagnetic smog and acoustic noise.