Environmental simulation chambers are small to large-scale facilities where atmospheric conditions can be monitored in real-time under control to reproduce realistic environments and to study interactions among their constituents.  Up to now, they have been used mainly to study chemical and photochemical processes that occur in the atmosphere, but the high versatility of these facilities allows for a wider application covering all fields of atmospheric aerosol science. 

ChAMBRe (Chamber for Aerosol Modelling and Bio-aerosol Research) is stainless steel atmospheric simulation chamber (volume approximately 3 m3) installed at the National Institute of Nuclear Physics in Genoa (INFN-Genova, www.ge.infn.it) and developed in collaboration with the Environmental Physics Laboratory at the Physics Department of Genoa University (www.labfisa.ge.infn.it). ChAMBRe is a node of the european network of atmospheric simulation chambers and partner of the H2020 EUROCHAMP2020 project, funded by UE for the period December 2016 - August 2021.

CHAMBRe is one of the two INFN facilities (together the LABEC laboratory in Florence) participating to the PON "Per ACTRIS IT": this is a three year program (July 2019 - June 2022) of the Italian Ministry of Research aimed to reinforce and upgrade the Italian facilities to be inserted in the forecoming European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC) ACTRIS (Aerosols, Clouds and Trace gases Research Infrastructure). In such a frame INFN-ChAMBRe also participates as external observe to the ACTRIS-PPP and ACTRIS-IMP projects an it is a member of ACTRIS-IT, a Joint Research Unit composed by several Italian Institutions www.actris.it.

Starting from fall 2021, ChAMBRe offers physical and remote Trans-National Access (TNA) in the frame of the 4-year ATMO-ACCESS EU project: the chamber is one of the selected 43 European facilities forming a distributed/integrated research infrastructure.  See here some examples.